Presenting Irvington Artists

2023 presenting irvington artists  is sponsored by:

Dear Irvington Artists:

The Irvington Historical Society invites you to display an original work at the 2023 Presenting Irvington Artists. We will consider any original piece, 2D or 3D work.

Please submit your work at the following.

See you in 2024!                         

Please consider being a part of Irvington’s rich history of encouraging creative minds. That creativity is as much a part of Irvington as its curving shady streets. The Irvington Historical Society is celebrating our active Irvington artist community for the sixth year through an art show at the Bona Thompson Center.

The title of this show, Presenting Irvington Artists, harkens back to early 20th century art sales held in Carr Hall, which offered works by Irvington artists such as Forsyth, Wheeler, Polley and Morlan whose works will also be on display. The primary goal of this show will be to promote the current local artists (within 46219 and surrounding areas or ties to Irvington)!

If selected, up to two works can be exhibited for a $10 fee. They do not have to be offered for sale. But if sold, our gallery fee of 30% of the sale price applies. This fee supports the operation of the Bona Thompson Center. As a work sells, the artist may re-fill the space with another work. The works will be on display from Oct 1 – Nov 12 at the Bona Thompson plus presented in our digital gallery. We will invite visitors to vote for their favorite work. The work with the most votes will receive a “People’s Choice Award.”

Presenting Irvington Artists is a show, a sale and promotion of current artists living in or having ties to Irvington.  We hope that you will join us at the Bona!

Time Line:

  • July 20 – September 13 – Submit work for consideration
  • September 15 – Irvington Historical Society selects participants
  • Sept 23 and 24 – Works are received at the Bona
  • October 1 – Exhibit opens
  • October 1, 1- 4pm – Reception (tentative)
  • Oct 22nd, 2pm. Irvington Founder’s and People’s Choice Awards presented
  • November 12 – Show closes.  Artists must pick up their unsold works.

Should you be interested in participating, please register at:

                                              [Click Here to Register]

There will be a $10 registration fee if your work 
is  accepted for the show.

We hope to see you in the show.

Irvington People’s Choice Award Winners:

  • Josh Slinker, 2023
  • Rita Jackson, 2022
  • Robert Hunt, 2021
  • Teresa Gooldy, 2020
  • Paula Nicewanger, 2019
  • Avery Dellinger, 2018