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Three floors of art and history feature these permanent and temporary exhibits:

Dissette Windows
Morlan Murals
Kile Oak
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Butler University Irvington Campus 1875-1928

Butler University, founded in 1855 as North Western Christian University, was located in Irvington from 1875-1928.

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West Baden Angels

An Indiana mystery.

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Kin Hubbard &
Abe Martin

This permanent exhibit features the cartoons of Kin Hubbard and his well-known character Abe Martin.

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Irvington Depot Telegraph Office

The Irvington Depot, located near the intersection of South Audubon and Bonna Avenues, opened in 1873.

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Irvington's Golden Age of Ghouls

This exhibit focuses on Irvington’s seamier side, namely the Ghouls of Irvington.

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International Harvester

Learn more about the International Harvester plant that was located on Brookville Rd.

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T.C. Howe High School

Situated behind the Hilton U Brown home and on a site known as Violet Hill, the school closed its doors to become a charter school in 1995.

As the school closed, alumni gathered class flags, photos, plaques and sports memorabilia. That collection feeds a changing display of memories.

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Irvington & America's Wars

Irvington residents were involved in American warfare from the Civil War to Atomic testing at Bikini Atoll.

Dissette Windows
Morlan Murals
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